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Sarah-Sarah and I have started playing a new game when we go to shows. It’s called HIP or PEDOPHILE? Essentially the game involves pointing out other concert attendees and deciding if they are HIP or if they are PEDOPHILES. Sometimes they are BOTH.
Once we played using a the video of I’m From Barcelona’s song “We’re From Barcelona.”* Those members of the at-home audience can play along if they have a copy (conveniently found here: .

HIP or PEDOPHILE is derived from ‘the Burg mini-episode titled HIP or DANGEROUS.

For more on hipsters check out

The \'Burg Cast


*Disclaimer. I in no way mean to imply that any member of I’m From Barcelona is, in fact, a pedophile (or hip for that matter, for those who find the term offensive, or even that any member of I’m From Barcelona *has* hips). It just happened to be the music video we had On Demanded when we created our version of the game. I do mean to imply, however, that some of the band members have creepy facial hair.

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