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Holy butts dudes, we haven’t written in here in AGES. I can’t talk for my dear co-author, but personally I am lazy and have been focused on other things, like sitting around and watching Golden Girls on Youtube. Then, today, I got home from work and checked out good old, a website to which I will not link because even though I read it, I don’t really like it very much except for their writers Sadie, who is awesome, and Dodai,who is also pretty cool. Then I saw this picture of a man who has never been on my radar before: “Josh Duhamel.” I have never heard of him, but apparently he is an actor who has been in some things that I have heard of. It’s a good thing I haven’t met him for two reasons: a) I learned from Rock of Love Charm School that actors don’t like it when you don’t recognize them, and b) I would probably call him Josh Douchamel.

I love Fergie, mostly for her outside of the box (by which I mean bathroom) stance on peeing, but also to her great contributions to the world of popular culture (in addition to peeing popular culture). So I was really sad to see her here. Either Josh Duhamel is a GIANT, or she is a little girl and he is a big bad man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like a 10 year old playing dress up as an Olsen twin!!!

He is wearing a scarf, which I have historically said is the #1 way to tell that someone is a hipster and not a pedophile. But he’s wearing it allllll wrong, so it is not evidence of hipsterness.

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