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Oh man. I promised Ashley that I would do a Gael García Bernal post last summer or something, because she loves him and I just had to show her that it’s wrong to love someone like that. He’s her Mexican Elijah Wood. I just could never really find the photographic evidence I needed to prove my point.

Then I saw this picture of Gael with Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón (who himself is at least partly responsible for turning Professor Lupin into a funny uncle, for not making David Thewlis shave his disgusting child molester mustache), and Carlos Cuarón. It’s like a snapshot from a NAMBLA convention. Obviously, Gael is the B in this NAMBLA chapter. But that’s pretty much a good as gold promise that at some point, should he ever grow up (get it, because he’s tiny), he will be the M at his own NAMBLA meetings.

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