An important part of our responsibilities here on Hipster or Pedophile are spotting potential hipsters/pedophiles and alerting you, the general public, of the threat they pose. However, we would be remiss if we left it at that. It is almost equally important that we function as parole officers, keeping an eye repeat offenders and tracking the progress of hispters/pedophiles on the road to recovery (hypothetically, of course. NOBODY ever seems to recover).


We have our eye on you, too!

We have our eye on you, too!

Maybe actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is branching out into producing the next big indie film, maybe he’s documenting recess at the local preschool. EITHER WAY he has a lot of explaining to do!

See what I mean?!


Pop Quiz: how many hipster/pedophile traits can you spot?

I fear that unless they revive 3rd Rock from the Sun we shall have to keep a close eye on this situation. In the meantime, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Stranger Danger!

Stranger Danger!*

*I see you, Georgina Sparks!