Okay so I’m going to come right out here and admit something. I love horrible CBS sitcoms. People are always accusing me of being a hipster which I DON’T understand because like, I don’t wear skinny jeans or do coke. I don’t even drink Coke. I prefer Dr. Pepper because I actually am a nerd. But you can tell I’m not a hipster because even though I’m obsessed with the Office and 30 Rock (two certifiably “hip” tv shows), I’m also a little obsessed with How I Met Your Mother (which is kind of okay because Nick Andopolis and Dougie Howser are on it and Bob Saget narrates it, plus this) and the Big Bang Theory. That show is like, half a step above fucking Two and a Half Men. At least I don’t watch that.

But I love the Big Bang Theory. It’s this horrible show about a bunch of nerdy science dudes and their hot neighbor. It’s the most typical, old-style sitcom ever. It’s like Three’s Company with fewer gay jokes. But then you have scenes like this

And, if you couldn’t tell what Blondie there is wearing, it’s a Hillary 2008 shirt. It’s true!

I like Hillary.

So when I was browsing the internet and found a bunch of pictures of the cast from some event, I was like “that’s cool! I can enjoy this show even when I’m not watching it!” Yeah, enjoy it if I’m at a NAMBLA convention.

This is Leonard, the main character. He’s in love with Penny, the Hillary supporter above. You may recognize him from when he played David on Roseanne. Darlene is sometimes on this show too! However, if you were only going off of this picture, you might also recognize him as the creepy guy who sits in the park all day “reading” while the little kids play on the jungle gym.

Then we have Howard Walowitz. Walowitz is a nerdy engineering dude who wears those turtleneck bib things that even I wasn’t lame enough to wear in elementary school. He also hits on lots of ladies. Just as we showed that Russel Brand can’t be a pedophile because he has explicitly stated that he is only attracted to women “between the ages of 18 and death,” one can make that argument about Mr. Walowitz.

One cannot make the same argument about the actor who plays them.

I mean honestly. It’s like fuckin Brian Peppers in here. Like, seriously, look. These guys are MEANT to be mugshotted.

At least there’s a cute guy in the cast.

Just ignore his weird ugly hat.