Flight of the Conchords in 100 words or less.

Two young New Zealand men immigrate to New York City to pursue their dream of being “musicians.”

Honestly, this stuff just writes itself sometimes.

Honestly, this stuff just writes itself sometimes.

As I understand it, “Musician” is often synonymous with unemployed, scruffy gentleman who drives around town in a rusted out van, and supplies underage kids with cheap beer. Strange how familiar that description is…

I think this calls for another round of HIPSTER or PEDOPHILE?!

Two Dodgy Gents

Two Dodgy Gents

The “Facts”

New Zealand has few, if any, children. I base this on the fact that all of the people my friends and I have met from New Zealand have been adults. Moreover, whenever I see a anything filmed in New Zealand, there is a noticible lack of kids. It’s mostly just a bunch of adults hanging around. Perhaps New Zealand children are shy, maybe they’re all on holiday, or they don’t exist. I cannot really say for sure. However, the country is clearly not an ideal enviornment for pedophiles.

-Whereas, New York city has lots of kids. Exhibit A: Sesame Street.  B: Law and Order: SVU.

-Of course, New York also has a lot Hipsters.

-But so does New Zealand (Home of Lil’ Chief Records, the Brunettes, Ruby Suns, etc.). Thus, a New Zealand hipster would not need to move to New York to find acceptance/a target market.

-Despite being “musiciansBret and Jemaine shun their groupie, Mel, who is obviously a hipster.



-Hipsters like hipsters. Pedophiles like children.

More “Facts” (a picture is worth a thousand words)


As always, I shall leave the final call up to you.