Sometimes life is not a simple dichotomy. I’m sorry if I have to be the one to tell you this, gentle reader, but sometimes the truth is more complicated than that. This game, however, does not have to be complicated. Let’s keep it simple. We’ll just break down all the evidence** and then the truth will out itself.

This is Ryan Adams:

Ryan Adams

No, really, he is wearing that in public. Hiding in plain sight, eh? But! Is he a Hipster? Or is he a Pedophile?

Well, certainly* Mr. Adams is the embodiment of many Hipster-ish qualities. How many can you spot in the collage below?


Ryan Adams: Hipster?

I bet it’s a lot. If it is not a lot you are not trying hard enough and I am very disappointed in you.

Now consider this second collage. How many Pedophile traits can you spot?


Ryan Adams: Pedophile?

Hint: Anything that makes you suspect this gentleman might reside in his parent’s basement probably qualifies.

Before you make your final decision of HIP vs. PED, keep in mind that Ryan Adams spends a LOT of time on the internet and he is ALWAYS watching:

Ryan Adams Is Watching


**Photographic evidence only as the rest of my research provided little room for ambiguity.