I thought that was a baby carriage (or a “pram” as they call it in Mary Poppins, which is relevant since this picture is from England) behind Shia when I first saw it. Thank goodness that, upon a second look, it appears to be a luggage cart.

This doesn’t lend any evidence to Shia being a hipster or a pedophile, but I just want to point out how much I hate that beard he’s rocking right now. He totally reminds me of this guy I was unfortunate enough to work with about a year ago. HE WAS A TOTAL PSYCHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! We were all afraid to work with him because he was a total creep. I swear that he was on drugs or something, because sometimes he would just FLIP OUT. Then one day he was sexually harassing people at work and I was like “hey you can’t talk like that here!” and he got mad and so I sent him home. He ended up getting in trouble and then not showing up to work a few days later, so he got fired. I was scared for weeks that he would follow me home and then push me down the stairs like in the Ben Affleck steroids movie I saw in health class once.

So now I’m afraid that Shia LaBeouf might do that. Oh well.