So my illustrious and prolific co-author just posted about Fergie and Josh and then i saw this on Oh No They Didn’t! The original post was titled, appropriately, “Who’s Kissing on the Slopes?”  I’m sure local authorities* were interested as well.


So obviously I’m shocked. And intrigued. Is it pedophile season after such a long dry spell? Or is it just recess at the local middle school? Either way, hooray! It’s time for another round of Hipster or Pedophile. And p.s. that disguise is fooling no one, little miss!

Except clearly I was fooled! It’s just Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend Andres Velencoso.


Cute! Because twee things are adorable. As are consensual relationships between two ADULTS. And you can tell she’s an adult because instead of having mittens on a string, Kylie has a scarf with hand pockets (awesome!). So clearly not a case of pedophilia. Additionally, scarves are hipster by default.

Case solved!

And here’s Kylie with the Doctor. Just because it’s cool.


*local authorities possibly being the paparazzi.