I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, hoping to find a picture of someone besides Jude Law to put here. I’m as exasperated as you are. When did this turn into Jude Law Looks Like A Pedophile? About two and a half weeks ago, I guess. Allegedly, the ‘stache is for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, wherein Jude Law allegedly plays Watson. But when even your  own child tries to run away screaming because you really do totally look like you’re about to touch her or her friends in her swimsuit area, dude that’s a problem.

Facial hair for fathers is a tricky thing, I know that. My dad has a beard, and has for almost all of my life. When I was four, he shaved it off and came to pick me up at daycare. I didn’t recognize him and hid! Then, when my sister was four or so, he did the same thing to her (out of fairness, I guess). Facial hair can really change the way someone looks, and when you’re really young sometimes you can’t figure out who that person is on your own. I get that. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. But at the same time, I really, really, really encourage Jude-ina there to run away until her daycare or preschool teacher calls her mom to come and explain that this man really is her daddy.