I don’t watch American Idol, but I do read Oh No They Didn’t, so I know that these people are from that show. One of them won. The other didn’t. I think he’s the one that’s crossed out. But, if you ask me, this picture could easily be a still from a potentially good episode of SVU.

In it, the older one kidnaps the younger one, holding him hostage in a basement somewhere in Brooklyn or a cabin upstate.  They track him down because of some ominous posts he made on a website eerily similar to but not called Myspace (where this picture would probably be posted). The younger one freaks out on Stabler because he’s so in love with the older one. Then the twist: they’re not only lovers, they’re also half-brothers, both of whom were molested by their father. They went to the Brooklyn basement/upstate cabin to create a sexy love nest for the younger one to find his own “little brother.”

Final verdict? Total pedo. Even the Strokes stopped dressing like that. And as for the younger one, maybe with therapy he can break the cycle, but Mormons can’t be hipsters. Sorry Brandon Flowers. They can be child molesters though.