It would take a better litigator than I will ever be to argue that Elijah Wood is not a hipster. “A losing battle” is how one friend phrased it. And, ok, for the most part I would totally agree.

(Vanity scarf, acoustic guitar, faux modesty, crappy apartment* and expensive film equipment…how many scene points is that?)

Fortunately, for this game, shades of grey can be blown completely out of proportion.

Why one might conceivably believe Mr. Wood is not just a HIPSTER. A brief list.

1. Disguised as a hobbit, he infiltrated a small village and led astray several of its impressionable little people (Lord of the Rings).

2. He taught children his special dance “the Puppet Master” on Yo Gabba Gabba. The Youtube clips are hilarious but watching the video on TV ratchets up the intensity level to an uncomfortable degree. “Go crazy!” Indeed

3. He stares intensely ALL.THE.TIME. Like a predator watching small prey. Just saying.

*Ok, yes, probably a movie set but for the needs of this game I’m making snap judgements.