I will never understand people’s decision to allow their children to interact with “celebrities.” Perhaps these are orphans? Either way, it’s time for another round of HIPSTER or PEDOPHILE!

Pint Sized Panic!

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Sure, the band* in question has toned down their costume-clad ways in favor of a cooler look (beards, button down shirts, awesome bicycles) but lest you forget, appearances can be deceiving. They may look like hipsters now…



…but it was only a short while ago that they revealed their true nature:

Furries! at a Disco?

That’s right, guy in the middle. We’re all sort of freaked out. I mean, grown men dressed as giant stuffed animals is indicative of some sort of deviance. Am I right or am I right? I bet their tour van was stocked with candy and capri sun too.

*Note: Not really a hipster band at all. But for the fun of the game, and the fact that they probably pose a threat of some sort, I decided to include them.